With the arrival of a New Year comes new engagements, new interior decor and inspiring wedding trends. Ditch the traditional and a “one size fits all” approach – think colourful, bold and sustainable practices! This year in 2020, it’s all about creating your own one-of-a-kind love story, that you can look back on and relive with awe.

We’ve pulled together our Top 5 2020 wedding trends that every couple who loves the coastal lifestyle needs to know about.

1. Sustainable wedding

Couples have become more conscious about the environment and are making efforts to reduce the amount of plastic and styrofoam they use. There’s a lot of ways to see this happen – from choosing more environmentally-friendly catering companies to using recycled paper for wedding invitations to repurposing flowers. One-time use products are no longer popular and frowned upon by guests. Instead, brides and grooms are seeking a more sustainable celebration and using materials that can be repurposed or recycled after the wedding.

Credit: @SouthFarm1 @ShropshirePetals on Instagram

2. Colourful flowers

Flowers provide a visual uplift and can turn a blank venue into a magical space. This year, couples are opting for colourful, vibrant flowers that create a bold impact. Gone are the days of an all-white wedding and basic colour palettes! Couples are steering away from neutral colours and are starting to get creative with their decor. Expect 2020 weddings to be filled with pops of colour and statement hues!


3. Escort Cards

When it’s time for everyone to find their way to dinner, queue the wedding escort cards! There’s no wrong way to create your seating chart and labels, but there are better, more unique and fun ways to display it.

4. Colourful and Asymmetric Altar

As mentioned before, colourful flowers are truly taking over! Couple with an antique gold metal frame or prism, it’s absolutely stunning.

Also trending is a semi-circle altar – it looks so magical when the couple is standing right in the centre of it! It’s definitely unique and fairytale-like.


5. Night Wedding Photography with Sparklers

With the warm weather we’re having, we’re seeing more and more outdoor weddings and activities. And we love it! The contrast of the night sky and bright light from fairy lights, candles and sparklers looks just like a fairy-tale.

We are loving the idea of guests holding sparklers, surrounding the newlyweds not only for an aesthetic wedding photo but also as a memorable moment for everyone!

Whether you’re newly engaged, or your celebration is just around the corner, it’s never too early to start planning for your wedding in 2020. If you’ve been looking for a gorgeous Australian coastal wedding, be sure to come for a quick wedding tour here at Raffertys Resort! We’re set right in the heart of Lake Macquarie and surrounded with the natural beauty unique to Sydney’s Central Coast.

Last year in 2019, we hosted close to 50 weddings, averaging once a week, and it was such an honour to be part of each of those couples’ special day. We’ve had so much fun helping with DIY decorations and loved every unique design. We hope to see another whimsical wedding year in 2020!