Too often a winter wedding is overlooked when planning your special day, but there are some fabulous reasons why you should book your day in the winter months.

  1. Winter allows for a whole new vibe when decorating and themeing your reception. Imagine pre dinner drinks by the crackling fire, fairy lights to warm the room and the beautiful deep and moody blooms you can choose with lots and lots of candles- the ambience is magic and warm, something you definitely can’t achieve in an Australian summer.
  2. Have you had your heart set on a particular venue? Chances are lots of other couples have too. In the peak wedding season (Spring and Summer) venues such as Raffertys can book out up to 2 years in advance. Secure the venue of your dreams by picking a winter date, you might even be lucky enough to secure an off peak discount!
  3. Just like your dream venue your choice of vendors may be restricted in the peak summer months, by booking in the winter you may have a wider choice of vendors and be able to book that amazing photographer, florist or DJ that you have always wanted.
  4. Do you want a breathtaking sunset photo? We are known for providing just that here on Lake Macquarie. In winter the sun tends to set around 5pm – the ideal time to have the perfect shot before heading in to your reception to dance the night away. In the summer months the sun doesn’t set until 8pm, and by this time you are usually sitting down for dinner or are in the middle of speeches and don’t have the chance to duck out.
  5. Travel in the winter months is cheaper for your guests who may need to travel or if you are looking at a destination wedding. Accommodation and flights can usually be found on sale or at a discounted rate compared to summer. And if you plan on an oversea’s honeymoon you get the best of both worlds with much of Asia and Europe experiencing beautiful summer weather in our winter.

So what are you waiting for? Book your winter wedding today!

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Photo Credit: Little Black Bow Photography